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Packaged Firewood – Gearing Up for the Season

I hope everyone is having a good summer and I especially hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July and the welcome breath of cool temperatures that teased us here in the Carolinas over the holiday weekend.

Now is the time to anticipate and think about getting your orders in for the 2010-2011 season. We still have a small inventory of bundles ready to go that were split and packaged back in March. Now we are gearing up to meet the upcoming demand when cooler temperatures arrive for good.

We are getting a lot of interest from restaurants with wood-fired ovens. This is a market we are very interested in. We have flexibility in our packaging, wood-sizing, moisture content, and hardwood selection. We would be interested in hearing from you as far as how we can offer the just the right firewood for your particular cooking needs.

And remember too that both of our operations in North and South Carolina run exclusively on local select hardwoods as a waste-free solution for regional timbering operations. Now that anything “LOCAL” is in high demand, you can assure your customers that the wood on their campfires, in their chimineas, fireplaces, and wood-fired ovens, is 100% homegrown from a private, family-held operation.

Please feel free to email me with any questions about our product, our wood pricing, our shipping, and current availability. You can also call my cell at 910.530.0551.


Notice to Wholesale Bundled Firewood Customers

Here we go again … Old Man Winter has outdone himself, making this the toughest winter on record for the western half of the Carolinas and on up the mid-Atlantic and beyond. If there are any distributors out there still in need of firewood bundles, we still have about 100 pallets of well-packaged, excellent quality, seasoned hardwood. We've just had a big run on present inventory but we can still offer 24 hour delivery in most cases. Just email me with your location and a phone number if you'd like a quote. Depending on the truck, we are hauling 20-24 pallet loads.


Wholesale Bundled Firewood – North Carolina and South Carolina Distributor

Welcome to Oakland Plantation’s Wood Products and Kozy Kuts bundled firewood. With the popularity of outdoor fire pits, chimeneas, and a move back to REAL fireplaces, the demand for easy-to-handle firewood is growing.

All of our seasoned, hand-selected hardwood bundles are a product of reclaimed wood from the timbering industry and a result of our ability to hand pick all our logs and select the best burning hardwoods available including oak, hickory, ash, and maple.

For restaurants with wood-fired ovens, our hand-selected hardwoods, are the perfect fuel for efficient high-temperature cooking.  Customers find our bundles are easy to store and handle. We are looking into offering wholesale firewood in 50 lb. bags in the near future so please inquire if this is a product that fits your need.

Our easy-to-carry bundles are perfect for a variety of retail vendors from campgrounds, convenient stores, and garden centers, to big box regional and national outlets. Ski Lodges, mountain and cool seasonal vacation rentals will find bundled firewood a unique product to add to their “package” of amenities.

Our prices are competitive and include shipping to all points in North and South Carolina. Each pallet has 75 bundles shrink-wrapped and secure for shipment and distribution. Special rates for regional outlets willing to take full loads of 20 pallets with the capacity to load single pallets to smaller retail vendors in their area.

packaged wood covers

Please call or email with your specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

• Note that importing firewood from other parts of the country as well as international suppliers has come under serious scrutiny from federal agencies due to the spread of possible invasive wood-hosting pests which may unknowingly be introduced to our local eco-system. By buying LOCAL, you will insure the product you are selling is ecologically responsible and will not pose a threat to our native forests.